Mafia players club in Saint-Petersburg

Удобная локация

Мы проводим игры любом удобном для вас месте. Можем приехать в офис, за город, или организовать игру на нашей территории.

Веселая атмосфера

Расслабляющая атмосфера игры позволяет полностью погрузиться в игровой процесс, а опытные ведущие всегда внимательно следят за соблюдением правил.

Носители языка

У нас Вы можете практиковать свой Английский с носителями из США, Великобритании и Канады. На игре всегда есть как минимум один Носитель.

Общение и обучение

Мы искренне считаем, что любой процесс должен приносить удовольствие. Именно поэтому мы решили совместить игру с обучением, чтобы Вы могли учиться играючи.
Правила игры (English)

Dear players!

Following are the rules of the game that we follow in our club. 

At the start of the game, every player gets a card which he checks secretly to know what role he will play. 

There are four teams: 
The Mafia, Yakuza, Citizens and Individuals.

The Mafia will be introduced to his team on the first night, a citizen doesn’t know who plays on his team. The Mafia wins the game when there are an equal number Mafioso and citizens (they achieve this by killing as many citizens as possible undetected). The citizens win by discovering and hanging all of the Mafioso. Basically the Mafia goal is to kill everyone else while as a citizen job is to detect the mafioso and hang them at trial before he eliminates you. 

Please, follow the rules during the game: 
At night, open and close your eyes only following the commands of the host. Do not interrupt the host or other players during their monologues. Do not openly name your role or ask other people to name their roles (i.e. you can’t say I’m a sheriff or ask another person if he is a sheriff, this rule is very important!). However, you are allowed to suggest other players roles(i.e. say - I think he is a sheriff). 

The most important rule is to enjoy yourself, have fun, and if you have any questions or concerns about the game, we will be happy to answer them and ensure you enjoy your time playing!

Лучше Мафии - может быть только Мафия на Английском